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What is the meaning of ti in Hindi?

Meaning of ti in Hindi is : टी आई

Definition of word ti

  • A syllable used in solfège to represent the seventh note of a major scale. (noun)
  • The "good luck plant", Cordyline fruticosa, an evergreen shrub. (noun)

Examples of word ti

    • The curtain descended slowly amidst sympathetic sobs and silence -- the musicians themselves, deeply moved, no doubt, with the sorrows of the scene, mournfully resumed their fiddles, and struck up "ti _ti_ tum _tiddle_ un _ti_ tum
    • But since ti is very expansive and the effects on the number of immigrants is uncertain, i would go for a simpler suggestion.
    • I have beeen shooting 100 grain ti-2 broadheads with a 1 cut for about three years and i have shot 2 in the gut and recovered both within 150 yards.
    • By HAVOCK, December 23, 2009 @ 10: 38 am it is however, good to see that there MIGHT be a lot more action and mayhem in ti his version. .aside from killing off most Americans in the initial onslaught of the wave of course.
    • I do think that the book has enough odds and ends in ti which are really good that someone who is already a Terry Pratchett fan should give it a read.


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