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What is the meaning of tillage in Hindi?

Meaning of tillage in Hindi is : जोताईर्

Definition of word tillage

  • the cultivation of arable land by plowing, sowing and raising crops (noun)
  • land that has been so cultivated (noun)

Examples of word tillage

    • They sowed much (v. 6), kept a great deal of ground in tillage, which, they might expect, would turn to a better advantage than usual, because their land had long lain fallow and had enjoyed its sabbaths.
    • Ejida -- State run cooperative farm, for produce, animals, and/or greenhouses (as opposed to a Manage curtilage or tillage, which is for an individual family).
    • Good tillage, which is too often neglected, is valuable.
    • Farm carbon credits, called "tillage credits," have grown to become the single-largest source of carbon offsets in Alberta's trading scheme, which has been in effect since mid-2007.
    • They have proved themselves apt pupils, and today you will see in the glens of the Berg and in the plains Kaffir tillage which is as scientific as any in Africa.


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