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What is the meaning of timing in Hindi?

Meaning of timing in Hindi is : समय निर्धारण

Definition of word timing

  • An occurrence or event. (noun)
    एक घटना या घटना।
  • Present participle of time. (verb)

Examples of word timing

    • The team that carried out the study also suspect that accuracy in timing is important to the brain processes responsible for problem solving and reasoning ...
    • This accuracy in timing is apparently due to the ability of the brain to pre-process all the needed setup for the action before it actually needs to occur, based on the repetitive nature of the beat.
    • For men, the change in timing is merely an incidental matter with few repercussions.
    • This difference in timing is extremely significant, for North Sea oil development is essentially a "post-1973/74 oil crisis" phenomenon.
    • These things happen sometimes “just because” — maybe the “karma” isn't right ... or the timing is a little bit off.
    • Yes I guess the timing is about right for the Republicans.