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What is the meaning of tingle in Hindi?

Meaning of tingle in Hindi is : सीसे की छड़

Definition of word tingle

  • To have a prickling or mildly stinging sensation. (verb)
  • To make ringing sounds, to twang. (verb)
  • A prickling or stinging sensation. (noun)

Examples of word tingle

  • September 1st, 2009 4: 53 pm ET oh my god, the tingle is wearing off.
  • Everywhere else, the old tingle is going, if not gone.
  • Darryl flirts with Kelly, the sheer comedic potential of this relationship makes my brain tingle with delight.
  • Nonetheless, the only passage in My Life with any erotic tingle is Clinton's recollection of watching, entranced, as his mother put on her makeup, brushed her hair, painted on her nonexistent eyebrows.
  • He squinted down the length of the blade at the sink, feeling the power within the sword tingle against his palm.


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