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What is the meaning of tire in Hindi?

Meaning of tire in Hindi is : हाल

Definition of word tire

  • Accoutrements, accessories. (noun)
  • Dress, clothes, attire. (noun)
  • Metal rim of a wheel, especially that of a railroad locomotive. (noun)
  • The rubber covering on a wheel; a tyre (noun)
  • To dress or adorn. (verb)
  • To become sleepy or weary. (verb)
  • To make sleepy or weary. (verb)
  • To become bored or impatient (with) (verb)
  • To bore (verb)
  • To seize, pull, and tear prey, as a hawk does. (verb)
  • To seize, rend, or tear something as prey; to be fixed upon, or engaged with, anything. (verb)

Examples of word tire

  • He winds up in rural Lillehammer, Norway, site of the 1994 Winter Olympic showdown between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan the only linkage one could dream up might be the term "tire iron".
  • The goal of this tire is to bite into loose or muddy surface areas for maximum traction and propel the vehicle forward.
  • Because the tire is very unusual, none was available in Guadalajara, Morelia, or Mexico City.
  • Imagine being a kid of six, not particularly tall, struggling through a foot of snow and looking like the Michelin tire man.
  • The book series that I could read over and over again and never tire is the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward.


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