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What is the meaning of tireless in Hindi?

Meaning of tireless in Hindi is : आसानी से नहीं थकने वाला

Definition of word tireless

  • Indefatigable, untiring and not yielding to fatigue (adjective)
  • Without a tire (wheel covering); tyreless. (adjective)

Examples of word tireless

    • U.S. President Barack Obama praised Bingaman, who he called a "tireless advocate" for protecting natural resources and promoting clean energy.
    • Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who met voters at an Amherst, N.H., grocery store yesterday, is known as a tireless campaigner.
    • Although lung problems reduce her stamina, she is known as a tireless worker.
    • In fact, Bridges is known as a tireless reader and preparer, and spoke about his dedication before a film.
    • Hassell helped create a commission that worked to modernize the state's mental health-care system, which took on added significance after the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech, and was known as a tireless advocate for judges' pay, benefits and working conditions.