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What is the meaning of to day in Hindi?

Meaning of to day in Hindi is :

Definition of word to day

  • On the current day or date. (adverb)
  • In the current era; nowadays. (adverb)
  • A current day or date. (noun)

Examples of word to day

  • If Pelosi had the votes today, the bill would've been scheduled to be voted on *today*
  • Nor would funding in the stimulous bill for *any* problem we face today have made any difference at all *today* and certainly no funding to deal with a pandemic would have yet born any sort of fruit.
  • Write Thymer Review @WWD @today @review @1. 5 @important @waiting will assign myself a task, due today, called "Write Thymer Review."
  • Haha someone just knocked on my supervisers door and she was sleeping haha poor thing shes been sick mamas not in today either due to sickness I think everyone feels like shit around this place today….
  • But today… ooo, today just has to top this shit off.