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What is the meaning of token in Hindi?

Meaning of token in Hindi is : स्वरुप

Definition of word token

Examples of word token

  • Unless, of course, Captain Token would like us to give him only 3/5 of a vote each election?
  • In November 2004, I met my friend, GaijinGirl aka Token Asian in Thailand.
  • He located HELSUNG, GRETA: HAMBURG, EARTH, paired with JAMES, LESLIE from someplace on Sierra called Token Offering.
  • In January, 1830, the well-known tale of “The G.ntle Boy” was accepted by S.G. G.odrich, the editor of a Boston publication called the Token, who was himself better known in those days under the nom de plume of “Peter Parley.”
  • A Token is the term for a casino chip used at the slot machines specifically.


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