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What is the meaning of tones in Hindi?

Meaning of tones in Hindi is :

Definition of word tones

  • Plural form of tone. (noun)

Examples of word tones

  • When a figure or motive starts at the accented beat, it begins, so to speak, in the right place; _any tone or tones which precede the accent are merely preliminary or introductory tones_.
  • Almost every article having to do with Obama is negative and even the columns (whether they be by Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Peter Heck, or Michelle Malkin) vilify the president in tones that go way beyond ugly.
  • "They say a billion seconds ago, my parents were children, a billion minutes ago, Jesus was alive, a billion hours ago was the Stone Age, but a billion dollars ago, at the rate the federal government is spending, was six minutes ago," Paul declared on stage, to hushed tones from the crowd.
  • "My name is McCoy," came the answer in tones that breathed tenderness and compassion.
  • It features videos of alpacas while child sing about the grass mud horse, but the difference in tones between "Grass mud horse" and "Fuck your mother" is just a subtle tonal change.
  • Photo-editing workflow – Fix skin tones [Project Woman]
  • Digital photography guru Helen Bradley offers some useful tips on fixing up skin tones as part of a series on image workflow and making the most of your photos.
  • He frequently addresses the reader in tones of surprise when he discusses the depth and richness of aboriginal society, as though the pre-European inhabitants of North America were like dancing dogs: animals who had learned some amusing tricks.
  • What are your best tactics for dealing with skin tones and other human-specific photo editing challenges?