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What is the meaning of toot in Hindi?

Meaning of toot in Hindi is : भोंपू बजाना

Definition of word toot

  • The noise of a horn or whistle. (noun)
  • A fart; a flatus. (noun)
  • Cocaine. (noun)
  • A spree of drunkness. (noun)
  • To stand out, or be prominent. (verb)
  • To peep; to look narrowly. (verb)
  • To see; to spy. (verb)
  • To flatulate. (verb)
  • To make the sound of a horn or whistle. (verb)
  • To cause a horn or whistle to make its sound. (verb)
  • To go on a drinking binge. (verb)

Examples of word toot

  • At the time of the phone call to Brown-Waite, Pidrman said he was on a "toot" -- or drinking binge, which was caused by the stress of having a house guest at the time.
  • That word toot reminds me of a little ditty we used to sing as children:
  • Dear Heloise: Most new cars have the electronic door locks that "toot" the horn if the car is relocked.
  • If you don't remember the location of your car, just "toot" the horn a couple of times using the lock button on the key fob.
  • I've freshened it up a tad or a "toot" with the French equivalent of "toodeloo!" ...


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