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What is the meaning of tooth in Hindi?

Meaning of tooth in Hindi is : स्वाद

Definition of word tooth

Examples of word tooth

  • The Temple of the Tooth is a site of mass pilgrimage, where the tourist instinctively knows to dress modestly, remove shoes, stay quiet, and lurk in the background.
  • Spooky spoke with my dentist yesterday, and the Bad Tooth is coming out tomorrow at 1 p.m.
  • Last time Rebus went outside Scotland (to London, in Tooth and Nail) it wasn't really a success, but here he takes an effective day trip to Belfast (though he mysteriously visits a fictional Malone Road police station) to chase up Loyalist terrorists who may be planning to attack the Edinburgh Festival.
  • Perkus Tooth is a paranoid stoner and former culture critic who believes New York has become unreal, a simulation of itself.
  • Incidentally, the idea of Nature Red in Tooth in Claw appears to have come not from Darwin, but Joseph de Maistre, though he thought the solution was not more competition, but the hangman. vernell says:


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