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What is the meaning of toothache in Hindi?

Meaning of toothache in Hindi is : दांत की पीडा

Definition of word toothache

  • A pain or ache in a tooth. (noun)

Examples of word toothache

  • He was so fearful of losing his new-found facility that he practiced for the rest of that day, and lay down at night with what he called the toothache in every muscle.
  • Dexter had just left off at the end of a line, and finished the first letters of the word toothache, leaving "toot" as his division, and taking a fresh dip of ink ready for writing "hache."
  • I recall a toothache that once aggravated me enough to consider pliers tempting, but there's no indication that Balderston was suffering from serious pain or acute symptoms.
  • "In this case, the toothache is a total loss of privacy."
  • She also told expectant mothers that a toothache is a frequent sign of pregnancy, and that they should expect to loose one tooth for every child they bring into the world.


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