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What is the meaning of toothless in Hindi?

Meaning of toothless in Hindi is : बेदाँत

Definition of word toothless

  • Having no teeth. (adjective)
  • Weak, having no capability of enforcing something. (adjective)

Examples of word toothless

  • SNOW: Now, in addition to establishing a peace treaty, a former UNIFIL official says unless there is a clear mandate, there will be what he describes as a toothless U.N. peacekeeping force that will turn out only to be a disaster -- Wolf.
  • He agreed the days of the Australian Press Council, which he called a "toothless tiger", could be numbered
  • The hearing also highlighted partisan differences, as agents raised concerns about existing gun laws one called "toothless."
  • I enjoyed it FAR FAR more than AVATAR. alnst agree on the flying scene. it's impressive. and toothless is cute.
  • Seat the delegates by all means but they must remain toothless – they broke the rules.


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