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What is the meaning of torso in Hindi?

Meaning of torso in Hindi is : बिगाड़ी हुई रचना

Definition of word torso

  • The part of the (human) body from the neck to the groin, that is, the body excluding the head and limbs. (noun)

Examples of word torso

  • And the scar that runs the length of my torso is the markings of an earthquake
  • Step four: Bend over at the waist till your torso is paralell to the ground. (consult someone MUCH smarter than you are to explain what paralell means and what a torso is)
  • Image Credit WikimediaThe upper torso is hard and has a Primary Life Support System attached to it.
  • It looked down at the sensor-shaped burn marks dotting its main torso and then up into my lenses.
  • Michael Phelps 'remarkably long torso is like the hull of a boat, his coach says, allowing him to ride high on the water.


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