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What is the meaning of touching in Hindi?

Meaning of touching in Hindi is : हृदयवेदक

Definition of word touching

  • Present participle of touch. (verb)
  • Provoking sadness and pity. (adjective)

Examples of word touching

    • Talking leads to touching, and _touching_ leads to sex.
    • Note here: the advanced methods which worked are being defined as "child abuse" while the doctor's assault (which is what we call touching someone against their will) is supported by the power of the state.
    • Bad mortgage loans played a role in touching off the banking panic and the recession.
    • Known for the "dignity of movement and majesty of action" he brought to his acting, Wallack was nevertheless faulted for a lack of dramatic fervor and for an inability to sustain touching pathos.
    • The BBC stopped reporting on UK political opinion polls around the time that Labour stopped being ahead or at least within touching distance.


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