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What is the meaning of toxicological in Hindi?

Meaning of toxicological in Hindi is :

Definition of word toxicological

  • of or pertaining to toxicology (adjective)

Examples of word toxicological

  • It is doubtful whether either the facilities or the funds to carry out such procedures would be deployed for rural community projects in non-industrial countries There is, consequently, the danger that little or no long-term toxicological evaluation will be performed in these cases.
  • To produce a GHS-compliant data sheet, all data must be validated with available references such as toxicological studies, exposure data, and environmental regulatory databases, to name a few.
  • After more than 17 years of accumulated science on perchlorate harms, two EPA toxicological reviews (1998, 2002), and a lengthy review by the National Academies (2004), it is past time for EPA to take effective regulatory action to protect people’s health by preventing exposure to perchlorate.
  • This will be evaluated as a matter of priority by our clinical and toxicological experts and we will issue further advice if necessary.
  • The toxicological expertise of the specialists and consultants, supplemented by the latest medical resources, enables the Poison Control Center to appropriately manage any poisoning emergency.


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