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What is the meaning of tragic in Hindi?

Meaning of tragic in Hindi is : शोकजनक

Definition of word tragic

  • Causing great sadness or suffering. (adjective)
  • Relating to tragedy in a literary work. (adjective)
  • Involved in a tragedy. (adjective)
  • A writer of tragedy. (noun)
  • A tragedy; a tragic drama. (noun)

Examples of word tragic

  • This organization epitomizes the term tragic-comedy for it ignores appalling human rights abuses in Sudan,
  • One of his colleagues cautioned against overreacting to what he called a tragic and unusual accident.
  • Contrary to the almost mechanistic, rationalist view of human nature underpinning the neo-liberal, free-market vision, Brooks notes Taleb's more pessimistic, more conservative view: He subscribes to what he calls the tragic vision of humankind, which 'believes in the existence of inherent limitations and flaws in the way we think and act and requires an acknowledgement of this fact as a basis for any individual and collective action.'
  • Senator Obama today said the death of 4,000 of our troops in Iraq represents what he called a tragic marker.
  • Mercury Energy says it regrets what it calls the tragic circumstances surrounding the death and will investigate further.


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