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What is the meaning of trait in Hindi?

Meaning of trait in Hindi is : विशेषता

Definition of word trait

  • an identifying characteristic, habit or trend (noun)

Examples of word trait

  • Blue-red fingernails, I noticed, even as I was wondering about the word trait.
  • We learn right away that Bella’s main trait is clumsiness, which is used more as a plot device rather than a personality quirk.
  • Your readers haveprobablyread aboutheroes with any given positive trait, particularly if the trait is commonly associated with a protagonist in your type of book.
  • If a trait is inheritable today, can we not assume it was inheritable in the past?
  • Personally, I feel that the single most important trait is publishing experience, particularly publishing experience related to your field.
  • A secondary trait is that they trust their social network more than their ability to do objective analysis.
  • But what kind of American trait is claiming victimhood, especially when so many have so much?
  • The other "formularic alpha male" trait is the "deep seated pain" they carry due to a tragedy in thier lives.
  • Of all of these characteristics, Bilbo's strongest trait is "his humanity; he is empathetic with a big heart and generous spirit."
  • Perhaps he learned his lesson, but another unusual cat trait is that they never do seem to learn caution.