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What is the meaning of transl in Hindi?

Meaning of transl in Hindi is :

Definition of word transl

Examples of word transl

  • Florence, 1880); BALZANI, Le cronache italiane nel medio evo, also in English transl.,
  • The presence of the relics of St. John hasn't transl ated into a tourist bonanza in any of these other resting places.
  • The surprise is that up until now an English-language transl ation of Grossman's lengthy article has never been published in its entirety.
  • Alexander von Humboldt – eine hebräische Lebensbeschreibung von Chaim Selig Slonimski (1810 – 1904), ed. by Kurt-Jürgen Maaß, transl. from the Hebrew by Orna Carmel, 53 – 54.
  • Jewish Language Research Website, 2003.www. jewish-languages.org/jewish-malayalam. html; Zacharia, Scaria & Ophira Gamliel, ed. and transl.


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