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What is the meaning of transmit in Hindi?

Meaning of transmit in Hindi is : संचारित करना

Definition of word transmit

  • To send or convey something from one person, place or thing to another. (verb)
  • To spread or pass on something such as a disease or a signal. (verb)
  • To impart, convey or hand down something by inheritance or heredity. (verb)
  • To communicate news or information. (verb)
  • To convey energy or force through a mechanism. (verb)
  • To send out a signal (as opposed to receive). (verb)

Examples of word transmit

  • One does not have to believe in the accuracy of these numbers; the message they transmit is pretty clear anyway.
  • At that point, Node C also knows the direction the message must transmit, which is away from Node B, or toward Node D.
  • "We changed the SIM card and it was able to transmit, which is to say that the system works," he said.
  • The major performance gain with 802. 11n comes from the ability to transmit multiple independent signals, called transmit chains, in the same frequency band; the more transmit chains, the higher the transmission rate.
  • Since DPD is a feedback loop, the receiver (also called a transmit observation path receiver) benefits from low latency; a faster loop leads to better efficiency in the PA and therefore even lower power consumption.


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