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What is the meaning of traveling in Hindi?

Meaning of traveling in Hindi is : सफ़री

Definition of word traveling

  • Present participle of travel. (verb)
  • A violation committed by progressing while holding the ball instead of dribbling it. (noun)

Examples of word traveling

  • One of my greatests pleasures in traveling is eating and exploring the local cuisine.
  • Mississippi used to have what they called a traveling electric chair.
  • This year's gas prices combined with other troubling aspects of the U.S. economy have pushed some Americans to what we call the traveling tipping point.
  • Now to be part of what you call the traveling press, meaning those reporters who are traveling with them in the plane, who are following them 24/7, all of our requests so far have been denied.
  • For one American client who traveled to Zurich to meet with Casadei, the banker provided what she called "traveling statements," or bank statements that did not identify the client, who had inherited his assets, by name, the indictment said.


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