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What is the meaning of traverse in Hindi?

Meaning of traverse in Hindi is : स्की पर तिरछा जाना

Definition of word traverse

  • A route used in mountaineering, specifically rock climbing, in which the descent occurs by a different route than the ascent. (noun)
  • In fortification, a mass of earth or other material employed to protect troops against enfilade. It is constructed at right angles to the parapet. (noun)
  • A series of points, with angles and distances measured between, traveled around a subject, usually for use as "control" i.e. angular reference system for later surveying work. (noun)
  • A screen or partition. (noun)
  • To travel across, often under difficult conditions. (verb)
  • To visit all parts of; to explore thoroughly; as, to traverse all nodes in a network. (verb)
  • To rotate a gun around a vertical axis to bear upon a military target. (verb)
  • To climb or descend a steep hill at a wide angle. (verb)

Examples of word traverse

  • Where i live in traverse city the season start is quite chilly this year so i dont exactly know if that would be true.
  • I traverse from the side of the course, where there is actually a little bit of loose snow to ski in, across the ice-covered racing line.
  • Such a band of practised and educated soldiers may never again traverse England.
  • I didn’t post the insane plank and chain traverse pics.
  • Another step of his heavy boot knocked loose stones free from the ledge, and Chaltiford realized that the traverse was a little more challenging than he had first suspected.


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