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What is the meaning of treachery in Hindi?

Meaning of treachery in Hindi is : विश्वासघात

Definition of word treachery

  • Deliberate, often calculated, disregard for trust or faith. (noun)
  • The act of violating the confidence of another, usually for personal gain. (noun)
  • Treason. (noun)

Examples of word treachery

  • This determined man, whose experience in the East Indies was of long date, and who had already served as director-general, came into his new office with an intense prejudice against the English, and with a firm resolve to put an end to what he described as their treachery and intrigues.
  • In this condition the legions burst in on them, furious at what they called the treachery of the previous day, and merciless in their vengeance.
  • Fink grumbled, and Anton could not forget what he called treachery to Bernhard; and so it was, that for some weeks they no longer spent their evenings together.
  • Of course, he was in a great rage at what he called the treachery of
  • Many, I believe, sense a terrible treachery is being perpetuated whilst being to busy to follow its awful details.


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