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What is the meaning of tried in Hindi?

Meaning of tried in Hindi is : विश्वसनीय

Definition of word tried

  • Simple past tense and past participle of try. (verb)

Examples of word tried

  • We looked and looked, and I tried on lots of jeans, and modeled and tried and modeled and tried…
  • There's a little Italian man who comes into our store everyday who insists on correcting my pronounciation, and I've tried, like seriously *tried*, but old habits just die hard!
  • The charges against you were so serious that we couldn't get them dropped, and we tried, man, we _tried_.
  • So the old Crab tried and _tried_ to walk straight forward.
  • Well, as I was saying, I tried and _tried_, but still they were fearful.
  • "No man could be miserable with Pauline Murray, if he did his duty and tried, _tried_ with his very soul to the uttermost.
  • Judge gives Universal Music 24 hours to explain takedown spree : Megaupload sued Universal Music for abusing the DMCA after the label tried to take down a Megaupload promotional video featuring some of the music industry's top stars.
  • The label tried releasing her first two signals, but they crashed and burned worse than that time I let my blind servant drive an oil tanker.
  • The label tried to coach her on deportment after she had some nasty run-ins with the press -- she once invited a reporter to step outside to settle their differences -- though it didn't seem to have much effect.