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What is the meaning of trifle in Hindi?

Meaning of trifle in Hindi is : हलकी बात करना

Definition of word trifle

  • An English dessert made from a mixture of thick custard, fruit, sponge cake, jelly and whipped cream. (noun)
  • An insignificant amount. (noun)
  • Anything that is of little importance or worth. (noun)
  • A particular kind of pewter. (noun)
  • utensils made from this particular kind of pewter. (noun)
  • To deal with something as if it were of little importance or worth. (verb)
  • To act, speak, or otherwise behave with jest. (verb)
  • To inconsequentially toy with something. (verb)
  • To squander or waste. (verb)

Examples of word trifle

  • "I would have given my life willingly for what you call a trifle, sir," said the marquis, with a bow to Osra.
  • You can eat it as is, toast it, use it in trifle, to dip in chocolate fondue ... and probably a whole load of other things I haven't heard of.
  • The leftovers tasted great, but each time we removed the trifle from the fridge the layers had sunk further, as the ladyfingers absorbed more of the sauce and cream, which had additionally deflated, thereby creating a sunken, lopsided look.
  • A significant change from Chabon's weightier novels, this dazzling trifle is simply terrific fun.
  • In the Toast family, each trifle is different, and improvisation is encouraged.


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