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What is the meaning of trifling in Hindi?

Meaning of trifling in Hindi is : हलका

Definition of word trifling

  • trivial, or of little importance (adjective)
  • idle or frivolous (adjective)

Examples of word trifling

    • Take my trifling _as trifling_; and believe me, seriously and deeply,
    • The fainting fits which had twice alarmed Lucia, and which she spoke of as trifling and temporary indispositions, she herself knew perfectly well to be only one of the symptoms of a firmly-rooted and increasing disease.
    • Yet Mr. Clement is not extravagant in any of his propensities; nor has indulged himself in any expence that did not seem greatly within his income; but, when I find of how much consequence a few thousands would now be, and then carry on a train of reasoning from thousands to hundreds, from hundreds to twentys, and from twentys to pounds, and so down to the minutest article of what we call trifling expences, I am really culpable in my own opinion.
    • What you call trifling was the most fun Angela and them have had all year.
    • One incident, if never so trifling, is but a link more to chain us to our unchangeable fate.


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