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What is the meaning of troop in Hindi?

Meaning of troop in Hindi is : स्काउट दल

Definition of word troop

  • A collection of people; a company; a number; a multitude. (noun)
  • A small unit of cavalry or armour commanded by a captain, corresponding to a platoon or company of infantry. (noun)
  • A detachment of soldiers or police, especially horse artillery, armour, or state troopers. (noun)
  • Soldiers, military forces (usually "troops"). (noun)
  • A company of stageplayers; a troupe. (noun)
  • A particular roll of the drum (noun)
  • a unit of girl or boy scouts (noun)
  • an orderly crowd (noun)
  • Mushrooms that are in a close group but not close enough to be called a cluster. (noun)
  • To move in numbers; to come or gather in crowds or troops. (verb)
  • To march on; to go forward in haste. (verb)
  • to move or march as if in a crowd; “The children trooped into the room”. (verb)

Examples of word troop

  • As you draw down through July, you then pause with that new force structure, you do what they call a troop-to-task analysis to see if you have enough troops or the right type against the right task to continue the mission.
  • Senate Republicans saying the troop surge, what they call the troop surge, is turning things around.
  • In analyzing what we call troop to task, meaning what do you need to do and how many folks do you need to do it -- in analyzing that, General Casey and his Iraqi counterparts have determined that there are more forces needed, more Iraqi forces for sure.
  • I stood up to pop what we call a troop strap (ph).
  • That sullen, good-for-nothing brute, Balmawhapple, was sent to escort you from Doune, with what he calls his troop of horse.


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