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What is the meaning of troublesome in Hindi?

Meaning of troublesome in Hindi is : दुःखदायी

Definition of word troublesome

  • Giving trouble or anxiety; vexatious; burdensome; wearisome. (adjective)

Examples of word troublesome

  • SWEENEY: Well, I'm quoting here from "The International Herald Tribune," or at least paraphrasing, saying that while people and reporters were aware that a propaganda campaign was underway quite quickly by the Chinese authorities, that many journalists approved of upbeat stories based on national unity, and to the avoidance of what they call troublesome issues.
  • Killing animals, whether or not troublesome, is far less troublesome than suffering.
  • Particularly troublesome is U.S. help, as President Ali Abdullah Saleh tries to balance the myriad allegiances of the country's tribes, many of them strongly anti-American.
  • Equally, troublesome is the passive attitude of all the women newscasters and political pundits on CNN.
  • What actually troublesome is Lieberman's continues appearance with McCain.
  • More troublesome is the administration's tactic to pull out just before a judge decides an issue thus rendering the case moot.