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What is the meaning of trusty in Hindi?

Meaning of trusty in Hindi is : विश्वासी

Definition of word trusty

  • Reliable or trustworthy. (adjective)
    विश्वसनीय या भरोसेमंद।
  • A trusted person, especially a prisoner who has been granted special privileges. (noun)
    एक भरोसेमंद व्यक्ति, विशेष रूप से एक कैदी जिसे विशेष विशेषाधिकार दिए गए हैं।

Examples of word trusty

    • We passed ancient cottages embowered with climbing roses that Edward Elgar must have known as he cycled here on what he called his "trusty steed".
    • I called my trusty ladytown expert, Jennifer, and we discussed my "issues".
    • Not long after, having told her in plaine and open speeches, that his subjects could not endure her so late borne daughter: he called a trusty servant of his, and having instructed him what he should doe, sent him to Grizelda, and he being alone with her, looking very sadde, and much perplexed in mind, he saide.
    • Then he called his trusty servant, and commanded him to seek everywhere and see whether he could find a beautiful girl.
    • According to expectation, about noon the major was seen on his return; and coming near enough, he called his trusty mechanics to come and lift him out of his boots, which they did, and brought him on shore.
    • No sooner did he perceive by the bubbles that floated past, or rather appeared to float past, that his ship was dividing the water forward, than he called a trusty man to the wheel, relieving John Effingham from his watch.
    • I called our trusty IT staff, and a member of that group spent several hours using remote access (I work out of a home office) to try to figure out the problem.
    • The state penitentiary was located there, and the telegraphing was done by a convict "trusty" -- a man who, having been appointed cashier of a big freight office in the western part of the state, couldn't stand prosperity, and, in consequence, had been sent up for six years.
    • So Jeremiah called his trusty scribe Baruch and dictated all his messages.