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What is the meaning of truthful in Hindi?

Meaning of truthful in Hindi is : सत्यवादी

Definition of word truthful

  • Honest, and always telling the truth. (adjective)
    ईमानदार और हमेशा सच बोलने वाला।

Examples of word truthful

  • U.S. military commanders say they're just countering in the information battle space with what they call truthful and reliable information.
  • The others headed their flimsy "Sad Accident," a title truthful but not alluring.
  • ANOTHER thing that proves I have always been accurate and truthful is the FACT that a guy claimed to be a Marine and he was arrested and charged under the stolen valor act within days of the complaint.
  • If faith healers, televangelists and the like are permitted to express ridiculous statements about investments, predictions, morality, superstitution and the like, and to scam the gullible at a fearsome clip, how could the government restrain truthful statements from the Church Of The Personal Temple?
  • First off, no one here knows who you are or how truthful is your claim.
  • Thereon he turned to her and said, O handmaid of good, fear not neither grieve, for verily Allah the Protector loveth those who protect; but tell me in truthful way thy case, as
  • I am assuming that they will remain truthful to their word that once the Supreme Court rules on a matter it†™ s settled law be it abortion or phone numbers.
  • Mr. Petzal-Being truthful is playing into the hands of our opposition?
  • Once again being truthful is not being left … that is why you are always twisted into knots MA.
  • Homer's description of the latter piece of marvelous workmanship -- which is often referred to as a truthful picture of the times, and especially of the advanced condition of some of the arts and sciences in the Heroic, or post-Heroic, age -- is too long for insertion here entire; but we proceed to give sufficient extracts from it to show at least the magnificent conception of the poet.