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What is the meaning of tug in Hindi?

Meaning of tug in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word tug

Examples of word tug

  • Most of those rides are certainly aimed at preschool to early-elem kids ( "Rockin 'Tug," merry-go-round, Mini Bumps, Mini Pirates, etc.) — check the height restrictions and themes.
  • I called Tug as if out of the blue and asked if he and Simon would like me to explore licensing that tune for commercials and motion pictures.
  • The dogs were all familiar with a toy called a Tug-a-Jug, which is just a clear cylinder with treats inside; dogs can easily manipulate the Tug-a-Jug to get a tasty payoff.
  • This traversed, we next wound along a deep ravine called Tug (river) Tura, [15] lying between the lower spurs of the mountain-range, and commenced a slight ascent up its cracked, uneven passage, until we reached a halting-place called Iskodubuk.
  • The Tug is a restaurant just on the edge of the ocean, shaped like a tug boat.


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