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What is the meaning of tug in Hindi?

Meaning of tug in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word tug

  • to pull or drag with great effort (verb)
  • to pull hard repeatedly (verb)
  • to tow by tugboat (verb)
  • a sudden powerful pull (noun)
  • a tugboat (noun)
  • An act of masturbation (noun)

Examples of word tug

  • Heer yoo go, mary. *streeetttch tug tug tug* there – taht shud halp.
  • _Jig, jig, tug, tug_ at the top of my rod, and I looked down to see that the float was out of sight and the rod nearly touching the water.
  • *Scoopitee scoop scoop scoop* *pat pat pat* *streeeeeetch tug tug tug* just a liddle bit o’duktaype.
  • It is what you call a tug-of-war - you against Mansur.
  • I assume that this 'tug' is the same feeling that keeps others coming back time and again.


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