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What is the meaning of tuneable in Hindi?

Meaning of tuneable in Hindi is :

Definition of word tuneable

  • Alternative spelling of tunable. (adjective)

Examples of word tuneable

  • Also this car is very tuneable, which is part of the fun and will keep your interest in the car over the long haul.
  • Nowadays we have tuneable lasers, using solutions of organic dyes that can produce laser light of any colour.
  • You can modify this design if you want to set it up so that it's tuneable too!
  • Indeed, PASS may be the first step towards a man-portable, tuneable laser weapon that could be used in both non-lethal and lethal modes.
  • McCann notes that nanoribbon transistors lack the tuneable qualities of earlier graphene devices, but using two layers of graphene could solve this issue.


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