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What is the meaning of twang in Hindi?

Meaning of twang in Hindi is : नासिक्यरंजन

Definition of word twang

  • An onomatopoeia for the sound of a vibrating string - e.g. of a bow, or a musical instrument. (noun)
  • A technical term for a particular sharp vibrating sound characteristic of electrical guitars. (noun)
  • A trace of regional or foreign accent in someone's voice. (noun)
  • A sound quality that appears in the human voice when the epilaryngeal tube is narrowed. (noun)
  • To produce a sharp vibrating sound. (verb)

Examples of word twang

  • 'Anna claims she has had no plastic surgery; we have the evidence that everything about her but her trademark Texas country twang is manufactured - breasts, lips, weight loss.'
  • She could distinguish, she said, a Northern twang from a Southern drawl, and she knew a great deal from vibrations, and also from her sense of smell, she could tell when a storm was coming.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how many affectations (e.g. loves of guns and NASCAR and a mountain twang) he’ll put on over the next year ….
  • It is true that, on starting, we were still in Virginia, of which Wheeling is one of the largest towns; but the bulk of our fellow-passengers were evidently from the West; they are chiefly descendants of the New Englanders, and partake of their character, with the exception of the nasal twang, which is worse in New
  • Best described as the twang that rang throughout the world and originally performed by The Shadows in the sixties after Bert Lordan bashed it out on a ukulele, Apache has been defiled by jazz musicians as well as Moog-munting Danes.


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