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What is the meaning of twinhull in Hindi?

Meaning of twinhull in Hindi is :

Definition of word twinhull

  • A boat having two hulls. (noun)

Examples of word twinhull

  • So all we have to do is amble down to the end of the pier, cut the lashings on an outside twinhull, and take off.
  • He looked disdainfully at Scriber and Peregrine, as if they were to blame for not performing surgery aboard the twinhull.
  • He could sail the twinhull by himself, but he'd have to be all over to do it; the fewer confusing thought sounds, the better.
  • For a moment, he was sailing a twinhull across the South Sea, a newby with Rum as a pup; memories of the island person who had born Rum, and of packs before that.
  • The bow-starboard twinhull, the one right next to him by the pier, looked fast and well-provisioned.


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