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What is the meaning of twinkly in Hindi?

Meaning of twinkly in Hindi is :

Definition of word twinkly

  • that twinkles (adjective)

Examples of word twinkly

  • Opens with a synth-brass fanfare before settling into a sleek groove that recalls the twinkly, ethereal bits of Fleetwood Mac's 'Tango In The Night'.
  • I had seen the Taylor/Burton/Ziffereli version (ghastly), the "twinkly" Raul Julia/Meryl Streep version (broad comedy), the "non-twinkly" Jonathan Miller production for the BBC (earnest and dullish), and a recent stage version which attempted to avoid the minefields altogether by making the whole play a dream by the drunken Christopher Sly, the character seen in the play's induction and never seen again.
  • Unfortunately for him, it turns out: a) the notion of twinkly bald middle-aged men being pursued by predatory drink-spiking barflies is not entirely convincing; and b) Shreeves couldn't make it, having been called away to attend a press conference at Arsenal.
  • He also won't let me put a gorgeous golden cedar wreath on our door, twinkly lights across our porch, or antlers on our dog.
  • Dukan is a charming man, with a twinkly smile, who speaks English with a thick French accent.


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