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What is the meaning of twisted in Hindi?

Meaning of twisted in Hindi is : विकृत

Definition of word twisted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of twist. (verb)
  • contorted (adjective)
  • wound spirally (adjective)
  • Mentally disturbed or unsound. (adjective)

Examples of word twisted

  • The employee testified he threw out the test results and didn't put his conclusions in writing to a supervisor, because he was concerned they could be "misinterpreted" and his word "twisted and turned," according to the filings.
  • He glanced from my face to Henry—who appeared behind me at the top of the stairs—and his expression twisted with grief or anger.
  • With her expression twisted in a scowl, Veronique instantly morphed from crude biker bitch to a goth-looking Satan worshiper.
  • His expression twisted into a grimace as the bone dust began to fly.
  • If I do not honor it— The tears spilled over, but her expression twisted from woe to anger before they fell.


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