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What is the meaning of twists in Hindi?

Meaning of twists in Hindi is :

Definition of word twists

  • Plural form of twist. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of twist. (verb)

Examples of word twists

    • When they float between the two via introduction, her expression twists in on itself.
    • And the large cast is dancing almost every minute of the play, along with outrageous twists from the lead performer.
    • The endings often contain twists worthy of O. Henry.
    • She is also agile, negotiating Beethoven's trademark hairpin twists and turns deftly, drawing strength from each so that by her fourth encore the audience voiced its astonishment.
    • So this season has a hell of a lot to live up to, season 7 raised the bar in twists and action, and they even poisoned Jack for the last third.


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