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What is the meaning of typify in Hindi?

Meaning of typify in Hindi is : प्रतीक होना

Definition of word typify

  • To embody, exemplify; to represent by an image, form, model, or resemblance. (verb)
  • To portray stereotypically. (verb)
  • To serve as a typical or reference specimen. (verb)

Examples of word typify

  • Abbott's calls typify "his tendency to go too far," Gillard said Jan. 28 at a news conference in Melbourne.
  • Within a short time, a feeling of being adrift also seems to typify most abused people.
  • Public sector workers -- teachers and also nurses, firefighters, paramedics, psychological counselors, surveyors, assessors, just for starters -- typify the skilled workforce that the post-war public university helped to make solidly middle class.
  • In the manufacturing plant where I worked, we did have a few Mexican engineers, and they did not seem to typify at all the tone of that story.
  • "In nouveau riche City you can see the rise of the East selling something people want to buy – natural gas – while United typify the debt-filled west."


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