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What is the meaning of typing in Hindi?

Meaning of typing in Hindi is : मुद्रलेखन

Definition of word typing

  • Present participle of type. (verb)
  • Assigning or classification by type. (noun)
  • the act of typing on a keyboard. (noun)

Examples of word typing

  • I was reading through past entries ... and my typing is appaling!
  • Is to SQL what dynamic typing is to static typing. [did he mean 'is to sparql'?]
  • I've been using it as that (since I do not use it for anything else, and thus am less likely to accidentally activate my mic at the wrong time) for so many years that I don't know that I would adjust very well to changing to another key - and by now, I'm used to double-tapping the key to turn off the actual caps lock for when I begin typing again. ladypoetess
  • Accept certain inalienable truths: market languages like Java and C# suck, dynamic typing is better than static typing, and your programming career will end someday.
  • I have noticed that typing is the way words flow out of me, but writing things out can help provide a peculiar feel to the process.


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