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What is the meaning of typist in Hindi?

Meaning of typist in Hindi is : मुद्रलेखक

Definition of word typist

  • A person who types, a clerical worker who writes letters, etc., using a typewriter. (noun)

Examples of word typist

  • To me blogging, the pain as a newbie or semi-literate typist is you need to find a piece of "data" to blog about, dig into it's properties like the URL, cutnpaste a selection of text and/or other media, upload an image, remember to credit the whole trail of sources linking to the story (becomes like an Oscars speach)
  • Right now I make money irregularly by working on and off as a kind of typist, I suppose, from home.
  • In all contexts except EVE, I've been using "typist," but I see how how "pilot" could apply just as well in any MMO.
  • Julia Gillard aka Lady Macbeth has claimed she was just a part-time "typist" in her
  • Incidentally, the most cruel -- and, alas, often apt -- term of abuse that pianists hurl at those colleagues whose playing they dislike / disrespect is "typist": the kind of performer who, while sitting at the piano, sounds rather as if he / she is actually sitting at the


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