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What is the meaning of typo in Hindi?

Meaning of typo in Hindi is : मुद्रण की गलती

Definition of word typo

  • A compositor; a typographer. (noun)
  • A spelling or typographical error. (noun)
  • To make a typographical error. (verb)

Examples of word typo

  • "I just skimmed over this but please tell me the title typo is a joke ......"
  • Forgive the title typo in the YouTube video page though.
  • The Saudi Kingdom is on the defensive on what it calls a typo on it's tourism Web site, a mistake they said.
  • A handwritten sign with a "typo" is better than renny
  • I find lack of proofreading as unacceptable as, hell, substandard glue in the binding; a book with typo after typo is as unreadable to me as one with its pages falling out.


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