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What is the meaning of ultramarine in Hindi?

Meaning of ultramarine in Hindi is : समद्रपारीय

Definition of word ultramarine

  • a brilliant blue pigment that is either extracted from mineral deposits or made synthetically. (noun)
  • a brilliant pure dark blue or slightly purplish colour. (noun)
  • having a brilliant blue colour. (adjective)

Examples of word ultramarine

  • Another method of purifying the ultramarine from the cement may be used, which is the pricking the yolks of eggs with a pin, and moistening the matter to be purified with the soft part that will run out, and working them together in a glass or flint mortar; after which the mixture must be put into the lixivium, and proceeded with as is above directed.
  • Then he looked at the third, whereon he found written in ultramarine these two couplets,
  • The use of an expensive coloring source or coloring material was reasonable, for example, when substitutes were not good enough, when the area to be covered was small but central to the design, or when the quantity of coloring material produced was large in proportion to the amount of coloring source used. reference True ultramarine is a brilliant, beautiful, and reasonably durable pigment.
  • When so ground, it forms the stable and magnificent colour, _genuine_ ultramarine, which is the finest and purest blue on the artist's palette, but owing to its extremely high price its use is not in very great demand, especially as many excellent chemical substitutes of equal permanence are obtainable at little cost.
  • "Blue as the veins o'er the Madonna's breast," from which the beautiful pigment called ultramarine is extracted.


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