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What is the meaning of ultrastructural in Hindi?

Meaning of ultrastructural in Hindi is :

Definition of word ultrastructural

  • Of or pertaining to ultrastructure (adjective)

Examples of word ultrastructural

  • Statin therapy induces ultrastructural damage in skeletal muscle in patients without myalgia.
  • Dr. Margulis has also proposed that eukaryotic flagella and cilia may have arisen from endosymbiotic spirochetes, but these organelles do not contain DNA and do not show any ultrastructural similarities to any prokaryotes, and as a result this idea does not have wide support.
  • This negative-stained transmission electron micrograph TEM image depicts the ultrastructural details of a number of influenza virus particles
  • There is physiological and ultrastructural evidence that suggests the fungus parasitizes the algae in a controlled fashion and, in some instances, actually destroys the algal cells.
  • Scanning electron micrograph of some of the external ultrastructural details displayed by the flagellated Giardia lamblia protozoan parasite.


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