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What is the meaning of unaffected in Hindi?

Meaning of unaffected in Hindi is : स्वाभाविक

Definition of word unaffected

  • Lacking pretense or affectation; natural. (adjective)
  • Someone not affected, as by a disease. (noun)

Examples of word unaffected

    • The only one left unaffected is the one refusing to take the vaccine.
    • Codon content and bonding explanations remain unaffected but function is gone.
    • People don't like to believe this, but there is no way human beings can remain unaffected by what is done to other human beings, or even to animals who are not human.
    • Nothing could remain unaffected; every aspect of life was irrevocably altered from the time the Spaniards arrived.
    • The mordant still had to penetrate the fiber — a good printed fabric, like any good dyed fabric, was colored as evenly on the reverse as on the face — but had to remain unaffected by capillary action.


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