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What is the meaning of unanticipated in Hindi?

Meaning of unanticipated in Hindi is : असंभावित

Definition of word unanticipated

  • Not anticipated. (adjective)

Examples of word unanticipated

  • Allen said cleanup efforts are being hampered by what he described as the unanticipated dispersal of the oil slick on the surface of the gulf into hundreds or thousands of smaller spills.
  • Personnel officials have blamed USAJobs' poor performance on what they call an unanticipated spike in traffic to the site.
  • The information becomes usable in unanticipated ways when the structure is reusable.
  • Because of this imbalance, critical decision making can be hidden from many participants, their code contributions can interact in unanticipated ways, and the community loses awareness of who knows what.
  • Chemical pollution: To me, the most serious pollution issue is from the long term unanticipated side effects of biochemicals we create and dump into the environment.


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