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What is the meaning of unappreciative in Hindi?

Meaning of unappreciative in Hindi is : गुण अग्राही

Definition of word unappreciative

  • Not appreciative (adjective)

Examples of word unappreciative

  • Gervais also took digs at the "Sex & the City 2" stars by stating that he was sure the team that airbrushed the poster would win the award for special effects, chastised Steve Carell for being "unappreciative" and leaving "The Office," and claimed Sandra Bullock told him backstage that she thought that "poor people were gross and smelled bad."
  • Now, I am certainly not writing this essay to rave about how "unappreciative" or
  • Cut to Jon banishing Mady and Cara from the site for being "unappreciative" and then begrudging the sextuplets their fun exploring a firetruck while he stayed outside selling lemonade.
  • According to Plutarch, it follows that Arcesilaus 'skepticism is compatible with action and that Colotes fails to see this because the nuances of Arcesilaus' views get from him the kind of unappreciative attention “a performance on the lyre gets from an ass” (Mor.
  • Nothing is less appealing, and nothing is more comical, than an unappreciative person.


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