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What is the meaning of unavailing in Hindi?

Meaning of unavailing in Hindi is : व्यर्थ

Definition of word unavailing

  • useless, fruitless, futile (adjective)

Examples of word unavailing

  • He was not, however, a man to waste, in unavailing regrets, hours that might be more advantageously employed to repair the evil, and he therefore at once set about the arrangement of measures for inducing and enabling the banks to resume at the earliest possible moment.
  • But no time must now be lost in unavailing lamentation.
  • Before the earl could make a remark, Murray had disappeared; and after exploring the lower part of the tower in unavailing search for a way, he met Sir Roger Kirkpatrick issuing from a small door, which, being in shadow, he had hitherto overlooked.
  • Finding all attempts to obtain better terms unavailing, Lord Cornwallis submitted to a necessity no longer to be avoided, and, on the 19th of October, surrendered the posts of
  • Kaplan also rejected Ghailani's claim that his intelligence value dissipated over time, calling his argument "unavailing":


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