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What is the meaning of unburdened in Hindi?

Meaning of unburdened in Hindi is : भाररहित

Definition of word unburdened

  • Simple past tense and past participle of unburden. (verb)

Examples of word unburdened

  • One moral reformer in Montana reported this about life in a mining town: Men without the restraint of law, indifferent to public opinion, and unburdened by families, drink whenever they feel like it, whenever they have the money to pay for it, and whenever there is nothing else to do. . .
  • Look then for the blank card, the sprung trap, the net's dissolve, the unburdened line that swings free in the air.
  • In the nearly 24 months since Mr. Obama's election, popular enthusiasm for him has gone the way of his famous speeches — lyrical, inspired and unburdened by the weight of concrete thought.
  • Arch-hypocrite and Tuscan property guru Polly Toynbee has unburdened herself on the subject of corporate tax of a piece of sanctimonious, pompous finger-wagging in today's Guardian under the title "It's time to rattle and bang in protest at this outrage".
  • She began writing for a start-up newspaper, but her youthful enthusiasm, as yet unburdened by repression and its consequences, soon led to frustration with her editors.


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