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What is the meaning of uncertain in Hindi?

Meaning of uncertain in Hindi is : बुना ठिकाने के

Definition of word uncertain

  • not known for certain; questionable (adjective)
  • not yet determined; undecided (adjective)
  • variable and subject to change (adjective)
  • fitful or unsteady (adjective)
  • unpredictable or capricious (adjective)

Examples of word uncertain

  • Analysts were reluctant to make predictions beyond one month because of what they described as an uncertain economic outlook given the central bank's ongoing efforts to tame inflation and as a string of interest-rate increases and other measures begin to bite.
  • Most advanced economies are planning "significant fiscal adjustment" this year in what he described as an "uncertain economic environment."
  • Kroger Co. reported its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings fell 27% on higher costs and offered a cautious outlook for the year amid what it described as the uncertain pace of economic recovery and tough price competition.
  • Then he paused and drew back, his expression uncertain.
  • He seemed at times to assume he already had won the nomination, repeatedly using his questions to direct fire not at his rivals but at President Obama for what he called uncertain and even dangerous leadership.


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