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What is the meaning of unchangeable in Hindi?

Meaning of unchangeable in Hindi is : अपरिवर्तनीय

Definition of word unchangeable

  • Not changeable; incapable of being changed or of changing; immutable. (adjective)

Examples of word unchangeable

  • Elements react under certain unchangeable conditions.
  • In the early fervour of his fancy he had assured Mrs. Robinson his love would remain unchangeable till death, and that he would prove unalterable to his Perdita through life.
  • There are solitary rock-columns that spring straight up out of the water and dark grottoes with narrow entrances; there are barren, perpendicular precipices, and soft, leaf-clad inclines; there are small points, and small inlets, and small rolling stones that are rattlingly washed up and down with every dashing breaker; there are majestic cliff-arches which project over the water; there are sharp stones that are constantly being sprayed by a white foam; and others that mirror themselves in unchangeable dark-green still water.
  • For this reason no man of intelligence will venture to express his philosophical views in language, especially not in language that is unchangeable, which is true of that which is set down in written characters.
  • But already the ordinary elementary particles are by no means unchangeable, which is still more strongly the case with the lot of new, similar particles discovered during later years, the transformations of which now stand at the centre of interest of atomic physicists.


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